Contractor Information

This section of our website is designed to provide useful information to contractors interested in doing business with the NDDOT. Included on this page, you will find a variety of information including forms, guidelines and other resources to help you provide transportation and construction related services which meet the guidelines of the NDDOT.


Material Source Approval

Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
Reference 107.04 Environmental Protection and Cultural Resource Preservation Responsibilities (New Specification for Material Source Approval)
New Specification for Material Source Approval Frequently Asked Questions
SFN58466 - Material Source Approval Request pdf file
Material Source Approval Request Example pdf file
Material Source Certificate of Approval
Email Us your completed Material Source Approval Requests.
Quick Maps (Requires Microsoft's free Silverlight Plug-in)
Quick Maps allows the user to create downloadable maps in different file formats for use in reports and design documents. The restricted county haul roads are included as a GIS layer.
Quick Maps Instructions pdf file
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