Construction and Engineering

Contractors, consultants, engineers, materials and resources.

Consultants and Engineers
Contractor Information
Traffic Operations
Technical Certification Program


Civil Rights

DBE Program, Contractor Compliance Review Program, On-the-Job Training Program, Labor Compliance Program, Title VI and Nondiscrimination/ADA Program, Title VII (Internal EEO) Program.

Civil Rights Program Areas


Bid Opportunities

Non-Construction Bid Proposal Opportunities
Access the ND State Procurement Office to view all NDDOT Non-Construction bids and proposals for commodities and services.
Current Non-Construction Contracts


Dealer Requirements

Access to North Dakota dealer laws, online services and other resources.

Dealer Requirements


Motor Carrier and Truck ServicesMotor Carrier Services

Access to IRP, IFTA, purchase truck permits, Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Operations, HazMat Requirements, Load Restriction Map, forms and other resources.

Motor Carrier Services


Transportation Innovation Program

Access to the Departmentís program to identify and implement innovative ideas in transportation projects, processes and products.

Transportation Innovation Program (TRIP)


Emergency Relief Program

Emergency Relief Checklist, ER Manual, agreements, reporting and templates.

Emergency Relief Program


Signing and Utilities


GIS and Mapping


Transportation Transportation Planning